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Natural Gas Production and Distribution


Natural gas continues to be a key component to the world's energy mix, by providing increased security to America's energy supply, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and offering lower prices for consumers.

Natural gas also plays a critical role supporting renewable resources such as solar and wind. Power from these sources is not always available when the sun does not shine or the wind does not blow. With natural gas as their back up, these sources can deliver power continuously, regardless of the weather.

Clarion Energy operates and maintains natural gas exploration and production activities in various locations throughout the world. Clarion Energy also owns and operates two intrastate natural gas pipelines in New York.

Expert Analysis


Behind the vision of Clarion Energy is its Founder and Chairman, Samuel G. Nappi. Mr. Nappi sees the energy world in a global context of responsibility and opportunity.

"Our country must develop a sustainable energy infrastructure which is environmentally responsible, yet economically affordable. In order to do that, we must focus on using all types of natural resources and using them efficiently. We believe opportunities exist not only in traditional renewable resources like solar, wind and hydropower, but also in developing technologies such as solar, kinetic hydro, biofuels, advance biomass, and geothermal." 



 Clarion Energy's belief in fuel alternatives and our commitment to the environment is the basis for our energy research farm. We are exploring better methods for the production of energy through the use of low impact wind generation, high efficiency photovoltaic cells, and bio-oils from both high-yield sunflower crops and through algae extrusion.

Clarion Energy also participates in joint studies with universities, supporting important research and working to develop students into energy scientists for the future.