Our Misssion

Our Team

 Our leadership team specializes in all aspects of the energy industry; from electric power generation and marketing, to mergers and acquisitions, to the exploration, production and transportation of natural gas, to research and development activities into other emerging markets.

As custodians of our planet, we must think globally, but act locally. Clarion Energy continuously strives toward becoming a 100 percent green energy company. Whether it is through the conversion of existing power plants to cleaner fuels, or by adding to our renewable energy portfolio through new research and development efforts, we believe in the future of these technologies. 

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Our mission at Clarion Energy is to safely provide a clean, reliable supply of electricity to meet the critical demands of our society, while simultaneously maintaining a high level of environmental stewardship.

We continuously strive for improved efficiency and environmental performance. We are committed to the research and development of sustainable, renewable energy resources.

Through our dedicated and resourceful employees, our work is conducted with the utmost respect for the environment and for the communities we serve.