Colton consists of two approximately 40-MW natural gas-fired facilities located in the City of Colton, California. Colton has entered into a Resource Adequacy contract with Shell Energy North America (US) LP, pursuant to which it bids to sell the electrical output of the Colton Facilities into CAISO on a daily basis.


  • 83.2MW 8x0 Natural Gas Simple Cycle
  • (4) GE 10B1 at Century Substation
  • (4) GE 10B1 at Drews Substation

Location: Colton, CA

Capacity: 80 MW

Fuel Type: Natural Gas



The Harbor Facility is a 100 MW combined cycle, natural gas-fired, intermediate facility with a short-term marketing agreement with Shell. The plant is located at the Port of Long Beach, California.


  • 100MW 1x2 Natural Gas Combined Cycle
  • (1) GE–7EA gas turbine (80MW)
  • (1) Combustion Engineering–HRSG Once Through 450 kpph
  • (1) Westinghouse – HP back pressure 
  • (1) De Laval – LP back pressure Steam Turbine – (11.5MW)
  • SCR – CO Catalyst

Location: Long Beach, CA

Capacity: 100 MW

Fuel Type: Natural GasSteam Turbine – (15.6MW)